The word fundraising typically conjures images of raising money for a charitable organization, but for an entrepreneur, it means something very different. For Elena and I, it means swallowing a big piece of humble pie and reaching out to friends, family, colleagues and even individuals we have yet to meet, to ask for a handout! A mighty large one too! Kickstarter was only the tip of the iceberrg! We had an amazing start and quickly realized we were onto something, with more than 95 percent of our donors buying at least one pair of Soak sandals. It was made clear, that friends weren’t just stepping up to support us, but genuinely wanted a pair of our slides.

It was a great start and since then we have had several buyers reaching out to us with interest in buying Soak for their boutiques, which means we will have to gear up for the Spring/Summer 2016 market this September, where we will show our next collection to buyers from all over the world. In order to do this, we are already back at the drawing board and happy to report… with great interest!

We have had a couple of meetings thus far and are continuing to set up meetings for the upcoming weeks. However, let it be known… we aren’t just looking for any partner. We are looking for the right partner… one that will support our socially responsible and eco-friendly mission!

The best strategic partner will embrace these ideas and allow us to continue beating our drum to the importance of both American made and environmentally conscious offerings. We are not about making the most money possible off our product. We are about designing fashionable products while practicing ethical manufacturing for women who have the future in mind, with men and kids not too far behind.

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