The Birth of Soak

It was the summer of 2014.  I was desperately trying to make it from

uptown to downtown and get to a meeting on time.  My feet were throbbing and it was hot as hell out.  I made it to the meeting, gave a less-than-perfect  presentation and then had to rush to lower Manhattan to pick up my kids at school.  My feet were still throbbing. Only now, I was starting to feel blisters form.  Awesome!

Why didn’t I have flip- flops or ballet flats?  You try fitting flip flops into a chic Chanel bag!  Even if I could have, at 8am my brain is still stuck on monster-faced pancakes and finding a clean set of socks. Fast-forward to 5pm.  It had been one of those days and this mommy needed a cocktail.  I shot a text over to by best gal Michelle Vale and low and behold she had had a day that mirrored mine exactly, and then some.

We decided that these mommies needed some joint therapy over heavenly cosmos (yes, it’s still a cocktail of choice among the coolest  of Manhattanites).

That evening, over the exchange of working mom horror stories, the idea for SOAK was born.  We wondered why no one had come up with a comfortable and chic alternative to flip-flops, so we decided to do it.

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