This is 40

For all you twenty something and thirty plus females out there…

I(Michelle) am fessing up to the fact that I am about to bid you adeui! I am nearing the date where I will disembark from the great decade of 30 and will be moving onto a new horizon. Oh how I shall miss the age of 20/20 vision and pre-mammography state of mind, but also have a sense of excitement as I continue to explore the so called “peak” era 😉

When we started Soak, I was at the ripe old age of 38. My how time flies! So here I am with 14 plus days to go and I will confess I have been impacted more than I thought I would be.

I’ve got my wisdom sorted out, but physically I am challenging myself to keep my body young! I have heard that 40 is the new 20… Or is it 30??? Who cares! The Soak gal is not defined by a number, she is defined by a mindset. She is sophisticated… check and playful… check! So I am venturing forth and committing to continuing to be both. For the next 12 days I promise to look my best by dressing super chic, as always 😉 and will adhere to working out religiously for the remaining 13 consecutive days. And by working out I mean having fun, of course! I will be actice in sports, dance, swim, skate, play tennis, heck even trapeze counts, right?

But before I start… it’s wine and cookies for my last meal and maybe some pasta.


I allowed myself to carb out one last time before going dairy and grain free for the next near 2 weeks. Please feel free to hold me accountable and pray for me that my kids don’t drive me into the deep end, which includes several glasses of Rose!

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