What Started Out as a Sketch in my Head

For the past 2 summers, I have pined for a shoe that I could slide on and go. One without straps or ties!  With 2 kids and a full time job, I am always running down to the last minute before school drop off and I want to slip my feel into something comfy and cute to get me out the door and off to work without torturing my feet the first hour of the day!

I no longer desire flip flops, especially whilst wearing a pencil skirt and blouse.  It totally kills the look!

I dreamt and dreamt until I realized I could no longer live without this dream shoe!  

El agreed whole-heartedly and off we went.  

We searched high and low for a factory that could do what we wanted. And then bingo, we connected with a manufacturer, which just happened to be in one of our most treasured places… coastal, Maine.

It was meant to be.

We sketched out our design and hired a graphic designer to turn our vision into an electronic file.  

 After seeing the first rough version, we were not sure how we felt.  We new it was just an initial drawing, but we felt we needed a second option.

We worked on a second version… and soon we had 2… the original and a second totally different version.

We held focus groups over the next few weeks, with over 50 chic women.  

We wanted a slide sandal that would be loved by all… the hipster, athlete, preppy, fashion forward, lady-like, bohemian and more.

So we planned accordingly and made sure that each woman we met, rocked a completely different style.  Over 90 percent of the ladies we interviewed felt exactly the way we did.

They needed this shoe too!

We showed both versions, which were liked by all, but the one we ultimately selected was the one which was preferred… our original!

We showed each shoe in different variations and weighed in on which variations they liked. 

We discussed pricing and what each woman’s threshold would be for a shoe like this.

The only one, who did not need a shoe like this, was a friend of mine who only wears, heels… always!  She even walks on her tippy toes when barefoot :)!

We knew we were onto something.

So check back in a few days for SOAK’s next post where you will see how our 1st slide transformed from sketch to reality over the past few months.

 The end result… pure perfection!


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