Why Soak?

Every woman out there needs a pair of Soaks


Whether you’re commuting from work, going shopping to yoga or poolside to cocktails… our slides are the answer! Aching feet, subjected to hours of torturous stilettos now have a solution. Soaks are the answer to preventing future sore soles. The more time you spend in them, the more you will want to stay in them. And there built for just that, having comfort technology and arch support too.

Research shows by taking care of your tootsies, you can help avoid back pain and the start of a potential yucky bunion or two. It has been documented, that as we get finer with age, the more time we spend in heels, drastically increases our risk for these unsightly bones to swell and protrude, making our oh soo pretty feet, well, not so pretty.

So we took that logic and made a shoe… cute enough to want to wear all the time and we styled it to be appealing for every type of gal. A sandal that goes just as great with jeans and a tee, as it does with a pencil skirt and blouse, or maxi dress, enroute to the office.

The style is pure perfection and ergonomically speaking, we weighed in with celebrity podiatrist, Hillary Brenner to make sure our shoe would pass her inspection. She provided her comments to help us tweak our final prototype to help make it podiatry approved!

It also eases my mind knowing that Soaks are vegan, eco-friendly, recyclable and made domestically(not to mention, in a super chic area of coastal Maine). These are all things that have become super important to me and to millions of individuals globally.

Can’t wait for you to try them on and see what I mean.

In the coming days, I will share with you the design process, including the initial sketches all the way through to the final shoe… that will soon be in your closet!

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